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Our company is the global leading organization for Lean Six Sigma Certifications and recognized as the benchmark for expertise, quality, and integrity. It has the experience to evaluate and provide high value to the customers by evaluating the actual maturity level of the Lean Six Sigma implementation and transformation and support to design a plan to achieve and sustain the desired level.

We serve customers globally in any country and culture. Our evaluators are experts in supporting different environments, sizes of companies and industries. We also are committed to keeping high quality and service throughout the globe.

Become the most trusted organization for global Lean Six Sigma Certifications in any industry and any size of company. The success depends on our most respected and experienced evaluators who will provide the very best and trustful service to our customers.

All evaluators are high-level experts, certified and proven Master Black Belts. They have been serving in the industry at least for 10-15 years. An accreditation, with an accredited conformity assessment body, will be done in 2018.  

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Our Accreditations
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Our company has been founded in 2017 in Switzerland and formed by experienced global Lean Six Sigma Experts in order to drive value with our customers. Our scope has since been to support customers in the Lean Six Sigma evaluation, transformation and journey of any organization. The company has been set up to be a full-service provider of certifications.

Our organization has the capability to evaluate all type of industries and sizes of companies. From a small size family-owned company to a large global organization. The company could be privately owned, a foundation, a private equity or a publicly owned and publicly listed company.

Our Certifications
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